Is There Any Way To Get Some Affordable Warmth In My House?

Do you dread the first few months of the year with all that the chill of winter in combination with the notoriously wet British climate can throw at you? The dark afternoons of a rainy winter’s day are bad enough without staring through weeping windows. You can fantasise all you like about taking a holiday in Spain or somewhere sunnier but there’s no way that that’s going to happen with the massive power bill that comes through the post. You’ve even considered resorting to that naff old jumper your granny knitted for you in ghastly colours and hoping like mad that none of your friends come around while you’re wearing it. There just has to be a better way!

So what are you going to do? Grit your teeth, shove on another warm jacket indoors and keep mopping up the condensation from the windows? Buy another heater and watch the power bill go through the roof? Improve your insulation? Move down south where it’s marginally warmer?

The best solution for keeping warm during winter – and during the other cold days of the year – is to have a house that is well insulated with a good radiator system. It’s healthier to live in a warm environment that’s drier – and it’s better for the house, too. And yes, it is possible to get a healthy, warm indoor environment even in a building that was originally built when people sewed their kids into long woolly underwear for the winter.

Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation

You might be shaking your head at this point and thinking that this isn’t going to be possible with your budget. But it could very well be possible for you, thanks to the Affordable Warmth scheme. This scheme is part of the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation target put out by energy companies to make warm, healthy houses affordable for everyone in the UK.

People on certain benefits or who have an income under a certain threshold can qualify for Affordable Warmth grants, which can see you getting an fantastic grant towards a new, efficient boiler, loft insulation or wall cavity insulation. Yes, that's right - free money to help you warm your home! Find out if you qualify with our handy online application form.

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