The Affordable Warmth Government Scheme has a new name!

The new Government scheme called Affordable Warmth replaced the Warm Front Scheme in January 2013. The scheme offers grants towards new Boilers, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation for everyone that is eligible. All applicants that want to apply for the Warm Front Scheme should now apply under the ‘Affordable Warmth Scheme’. To check your eligibility, click here … AFFORDABLE WARMTH

Will I have to pay anything?

Sometimes you will be required to make a contribution...but the grant will save you hundreds of pounds. Some of the key ways you can qualify for the NEW ‘Warm Front Scheme’ is to be on a Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit. You will need to own your own home or have a private rental agreement. There are several ways to qualify and it only takes 60 seconds to see if you will be eligible, click here …. 60 SECOND ELIGIBILITY CHECK

What is the Affordable Warmth Programme?

Similar to the Warm Front Scheme, Affordable Warmth offers three main measures to help you keep your home warmer. Apart from having a healthier home to live in the savings from upgrades to your insulation can reduce your energy bill by 25% – 30%. An inefficient boiler will cost you hundreds of pounds every year so it is well worth checking that this is rated ‘C’ or above. The Affordable Warmth grants cover Loft insulation, Cavity Wall insulation and new Boiler replacement. So it is goodbye to the Warm Front Scheme and hello to Affordable Warmth. To find out more, answer three multi-choice questions to see if you qualify, click here …. MULTI-CHOICE QUESTIONS

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