Central Heating Grants now funded by the Affordable Warmth Scheme


Prior to 2013 central heating grants were available through the Warm Front Scheme. This has been replaced by the Affordable Warmth Scheme which offers central heating grants for cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and replacement boilers Apply Now

How do you qualify for a Central Heating Grant?

The Government has created a funding system for central heating grants for people that need it most. The grants focus on individuals or families that are ‘most at risk’ including elderly, low income families and on those on disability pensions. There are other eligibility factors so we have made it easy to check eligibility. Take our 60 second multi-choice questionnaire below. Click for questionnaire

Do I have to pay anything?

No, the Government has placed an obligation on the ‘big six’ energy companies called the ‘Energy Company Obligation’ or ECO for short. The funding will help over 6 million UK homes owners or tenants to upgrade the way they heat their homes. The Central Heating Grants are just one part of a larger programme to improve efficiency and decrease your carbon footprint. As long as you meet the Government criteria any boiler or insulation upgrades will cost you nothing. Click here to apply

What happens next?

As soon we receive your Central Heating Grant application our team will ring you to validate your eligibility and arrange for an assessor to come out to visit you. Our team prides themselves on ensuring the process is hassle free and that you get your new boiler and insulation installed in a timely manner, Apply Now

Do I Qualify For Central Heating Grants?

You’ve probably had enough of the chilly days of winter – the dull grey days, the continual shivering, the crying windows, the coughs and colds, and the massive power bills racked up in an attempt to keep warm. You yearn for something warmer – a warmer home, at the very least.

A lot of those new houses and flats look warm, and usually are warm. They weren’t built back in the days when everybody burned coal by the ton and sewed their kids into their undies for the winter. They’ve got the efficient boilers and the insulation all over the show. It’s all right for them – they don’t have to put up with the dilemma of choosing between high power bills or the expense of replacing your old boiler with a new energy-efficient one.

The good news is that it’s all right for you as well. Thanks to the Affordable Warmth scheme, you might be able to qualify for a 100% subsidy on improving your central heating system. That’s right p0 if you qualify, you can get a new boiler put in and/or get your home insulation improved absolutely free. Under this scheme, the “Big Six” energy companies are obliged to fund home improvements to make Britain’s homes drier, healthier and warmer. This is part of a scheme to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions – and improve the nation’s health at the same time.

So who qualifies for central heating grants under the Affordable Warmth scheme? If you want a quick answer and you want to actually apply for one of these grants right now, you can jump to our online application form right now. But if you want a bit more information, read on.

Affordable Warmth targets those who aren’t able to fund the cost of improving their central heating and insulation by themselves. If you can say yes to all the questions below, you probably qualify for an Affordable Warmth central heating grant:

  • Do you live in a privately owned home (owned by you or by a private landlord)?
  • Is your boiler old and inefficient?
  • Are you on a qualifying benefit (state pension credit, child tax credit, income-based job seeker’s allowance, income-related employment and support allowance, income support and working tax credit)?

As well as central heating grants for replacing faulty old boilers, the Affordable Warmth scheme also provides grants for improving home insulation.

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