NEW Free Boiler Grant to replace thousands of old boilers!

Free Boiler SchemeThe Affordable Warmth Scheme is the new Government programme which replaced the Warm Front Scheme late in 2012. Affordable Warmth offers 100% free boiler grants as well as grants for cavity wall and loft insulation. The programme specifically supports low income households. The aim is to increase the warmth in your home, reduce your energy bills and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Most boilers that are 10 years old will qualify for replacement. However, any boiler that is not efficient, regardless of age, will most likely qualify. If you want to find out if you are eligible fill out our short 60 second questionnaire and find out immediately if you are eligible 60 Second Questionnaire

Affordable Warmth Free Boiler Scheme

No it will cost you nothing. Affordable Warmth is a Government initiative which places an obligation on the ‘big six’ energy companies to help those most in need. The energy company funds are used to replace inefficient boilers and upgrade insulation in your home. The energy companies MUST spend the money or they may face large penalties! If you are eligible the process is seamless. It starts with a friendly phone call to check your details, a free home assessment and then installation of your new boiler or insulation upgrade. The grant is 100% free so you don’t have to pay anything back. Eligibility Check

How much will I save?

The boiler grant will pay for a brand new ‘A’ rated boiler to be installed in your home. Typically you will save between 100 and 300 per year on your energy bill. That’s a lot of money! Check out if you qualify here FREE Boiler Application

Free Boilers: An Energy-Efficient Solution

Free BoilerMany people dread the winter months because it confronts them with a dilemma. Does one turn the heat up in an attempt to stay warm and pay a bigger energy bill or does one put up with the cold in an attempt to save money?

Often, the reason why a home heating bill can be so high over winter is because the boiler is inefficient. Older boilers, both oil-heated and gas-heated, can be very inefficient, meaning that you have to pay more to keep your home at an ideal temperature over winter. Replacing older boilers with condensing boilers is one way to increase the efficiency of your home heating system (and decrease the bill) by up to 25%.

Condensing boilers are more efficient than older non-condensing boilers because they make use of the waste gases produced while heating the water. These waste gases, especially when the system is powered by natural gas, include water vapour, and if this water vapour is caught and condensed, it can be returned to the boiler itself. This means that the waste gases are made to heat your home rather than potentially escaping and adding to the condensation and moisture in your home. Because the “waste” gases aren’t wasted at all, condensing boilers are more efficient at heating your home.

Replacing the boiler may be a simple way to improve your home heating system but the cost of installing a new one may be off-putting or even prohibitive for some people. This is why the government has set up the Affordable Warmth scheme, which provides boiler grants that can see 100% of the cost of installing a new condensing boiler. These Affordable Warmth boiler grants are available for people receiving certain benefits and people below a certain income threshold – even if they live in rental accommodation. The Affordable Warmth scheme is part of a government initiative that has been set up to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the UK by decreasing the amount of oil and natural gas burnt in home heating.

To find out if you qualify for an Affordable Warmth boiler grant or for one of the other Affordable Warmth grants for loft insulation or wall insulation, see the online application form on this site.

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