New Heating Grants with Affordable Warmth


The Affordable Warmth scheme is the new way to access heating grants for your home. The scheme focuses on cavity insulation, wall insulation, boiler replacements and repairs. Apply Now

Who is eligible for heating grants?

The heating grants are to support those that are ‘most at risk’. Specifically the scheme applies to the elderly, low income families and those on disabilities. There are other qualifiers like owing your own home or privately renting but if you fill out our 60 second questionnaire below you will see if you are likely to qualify Click to fill out questionnaire

Where do I get more heating grant information?

The Government has a number of websites on the subject but to avoid confusion we have put together a Question and Answer segment on our website to help you get more information. If you want to talk to one of our team fill out the qualification form below and we will phone you to answer any questions on heating grants that you may have. The Affordable Warmth scheme has been developed as a hassle free way to get a new boiler or insulation installed into your home. All you need to do is check your eligibility and our team will help you through the rest of the process filling out and submitting the paperwork for you. It has never been easier to get a grant towards a new boiler or insulation installed into your home Check to see if you are eligible

If I qualify, what happens next?

When our call centre receives your application they will ring you for a chat and to collect the heating grant information required to help you get the new heating measures into your home. The next step will be an assessor coming out to help with the paperwork and check home eligibility for the insulation and boiler grant. After this is completed and you agree to the installation, then the new insulation and boiler can be installed. The end result is a reduction in your energy bills but more importantly a home that is cosy and warm all winter long.

Who Needs Heating Grants?

Again, it’s one of those bleak, cold days of winter, when even just looking at the dark grey clouds that threaten more rain makes your heart sink. Another day of damp windows, draughty rooms and tossing up whether it’s better to turn up the heat a bit and pay the higher power bill or to just put up with the cold and save your pennies. It’s worth staying at work a bit longer if you can, just because the office is warmer. However, you still have to go home sometimes, and if you live in a cold, damp home, winter is just plain miserable.

You’ve considered all the options. You’ve done what you can to stop the draughts and you keep the curtains pulled to keep the heat in (unless the sunshine’s manage to put in an appearance). But still you’re mopping the condensation off the windows and swallowing hot lemon and ginger drinks by the pint to keep the colds at bay. Maybe a new electric heater might be the answer, but that’s going to send the power bill through the roof. You’ve wondered about getting a new boiler put in and whether a more efficient boiler would cut down your power bills. You’ve thought about the insulation where you live and wonder just how much heat escapes through the roof. But you may have pushed these thoughts aside as being far too expensive.

However, thanks to the Affordable Warmth scheme, you may very well be eligible for heating grants that will enable you to get a warm, healthy home, even in the depths of winter. This scheme was set up with the targets of improving the UK’s energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and minimising the drain on the health system caused by people suffering from illnesses brought on by living in cold, damp homes (e.g. flu and pneumonia).

These heating grants are for home owners and for those living in privately owned rental properties. In some cases, these grants will help towards for the cost of installing a new boiler or getting insulation put in. In particular, the Affordable Warmth heating grants target people on the following benefits:

  • Child Tax Credit (with household income below £15,860)
  • Working Tax Credit (with household income below £15,860)
  • State Pension Credit
  • Income Support
  • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance.

Find out if you are eligible for the Affordable Warmth home heating grants by filling out our easy online application form today.

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