NEW home improvement grants for UK homes!

The Affordable Warmth Scheme, launched in late 2012 supports a new type of home improvement grant for your home. The focus is on cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and boiler upgrades. If you are receiving Government benefits it is well worth taking our 60 second qualifier below to see if this applies to you.Click to check eligibility

Who pays for my Home Improvement Grants?

The Government has placed an obligation on the ‘big six’ energy companies to improve the heating measures for more than 6 million UK homes. As long as you meet the Government eligibility criteria any boiler or insulation upgrades will cost you nothing. The energy companies will organise all payments to be made directly to the assessor or installers which makes everything hassle fee for you. So it is all upside with reduced energy bills and a warm and cosy home for the winter. Apply Now

Do I qualify if I am renting?

If you are have a private rental agreement you may qualify if you are on a Government benefit. To check if you are likely to receive the ‘home improvement grant’ we have put together a simple 60 second multi –choice questionnaire below to make it easy to apply. The focus of the Affordable Warmth Scheme is to help those most at risk to reduce their heating bills and make sure their homes are warm and healthy. Click here to apply

What happens next?

After receiving your application our call centre team will ring you to ask you a few simple questions to make sure we have everything we need to process your home improvement grant. After this an assessor will make an appointment to come out and see you. They will fill out all the paperwork and assess the home to make sure you qualify. Once this is complete your new boiler or insulation upgrades will be installed into your home. The new measures will help to reduce your energy bills and make it easier to keep your home warm over the winter.

Energy Efficient Home Improvement Grants

January brings the snow, as the old rhyme says, and it also brings the misery of cold, damp houses; days off work with a rotten cold; kids going around the house with a permanent sniffle; weeping windows that grow mildew and mould as soon as you look at them; and exorbitant power bills. As you sit there shivering, all bundled up with a puffa jacket in your living room – or scanning the triple-digit power bill that’s just come in the post – you might want to curse the person who designed the damp, cold house you’re living in.

You’ve done everything that you can think of and that you can afford to make your home warmer already. You’ve put in the thermal curtains. You’ve made “door snakes” to stop the draughts. You’ve got into the habit of opening the curtains to let the sunshine (if any!) in and closing them at night to trap the warmth in. Anything else just seems too expensive. A new boiler? Getting the gap in the walls pumped full of insulating material? Trapping the warmth in your home by getting the loft space insulated? Home improvements like that just cost too much, don’t they?

Actually, thanks to the Affordable Warmth scheme, they don’t cost too much. The Affordable Warmth scheme provides home improvement grants to give everybody living in the UK a warm, dry home. This scheme has two major goals. One is to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency by ensuring that the boilers we use for our home heating systems work efficiently and use less energy. The second goal is to reduce the drain on the health system caused by people getting sick from preventable illnesses that result from living in a cold, damp house.

The Affordable Warmth scheme means that people on low incomes or those who are receiving certain benefits can afford to make their home warm and healthy. In some cases, these home improvement grants can be for up to 100% of the cost of the new installation. Yes – this means that you can get a new energy-efficient boiler or decent insulation absolutely free. Not only will this mean less time off work sick, it also means that you’ll save pounds on your power bill.

Find out if you qualify for home improvement grants through the Affordable Warmth scheme with our quick and easy online application form today.

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