Cavity Wall Insulation Grants reduce UK energy bills!

The new Government initiative called Affordable Warmth offers Cavity Wall insulation Grants for individuals and families in the UK that meet the eligibility for help. Almost 30% of all heat loss in your home can be attributed to poor wall insulation. Most modern homes have a cavity between the outer and inner walls that need to be filled with effective insulation otherwise the home will cost more to heat and the energy bills will continue to rise. Cavity Wall insulation grants helps to ensure that those that are most vulnerable can install effective insulation measures which will help to keep them and their family warm and reduce those nasty energy bills. Apply Now

Is insulation really worth it?

The great thing about the Cavity Wall insulation grants is that it’s not only worth it but it is free if you qualify. There are massive benefits of having good insulation in your home of which reduced energy bills, reduction in heat loss and lessening of your carbon footprint are just some of the reasons to act now. As well as the Cavity Wall grant there are other grants that are simultaneously checked when you apply. This may result in loft insulation and a boiler replacement for free at the same time Check your eligibility here

How is the insulation installed?

Our team will guide you through the assessment and installation process and look after the paperwork every step of the way. Once your home has been assessed as eligible for the Cavity Wall Insulation Grant the installation team will come on site and drill small holes into the outside of the wall and then using special equipment blow a filler into the cavity. This creates a cushion between the inside and outside walls making it harder for warm air to escape. This work is guaranteed and creates a nice warm cosy home for you and your family. Click to take our 60 second eligibility test

Will I have to pay anything for my insulation?

No, not if you are eligible for the Cavity Wall Insulation Grant, you will get everything for free including replacement boiler and loft insulation if they need an upgrade. Affordable Warmth is a Government scheme which places a financial requirement on the ‘big six’ energy companies to help those that need it the most. These funds are used to replace inefficient boilers and upgrade insulation in your home. It is like previous Government insulation schemes like the Warm Front Scheme except the Energy Companies are now managing the funding process and are penalised if they don’t spend all of the funds available to them! Don’t Miss Out Apply Now

Cavity Insulation Grants – Nothing To Do With Teeth

When most of us hear the word “cavity”, our thoughts usually turn to dentists, drills and fillings. However, that’s probably not the only cavity troubling you, especially during winter. Our homes aren’t always as warm as they could be during the dark, cold days of December to February (and probably March and November as well). What is wrong with our houses? They still feel cold even though we’re paying a fortune to the energy providers and trying to crank up the heat. Where is all that heat going?

The heat is escaping, and it doesn’t just escape out the windows or the roof. It can also escape into the walls. In a lot of British houses, especially those built after the 1920s, there is a small gap between the outer brick and inner brick walls – and this problem isn’t unique to brick houses or just houses built after 1920. If you’ve ever wondered why you can only see one side of a mouse hole and not the other, this gap is where the hole goes. And the heat that should be in your living rooms goes into that gap, too.

The good news is that it is possible to stop the heat escaping into this gap with cavity insulation – and this can be done without major renovations, if it’s done by a qualified provider. Cavity insulation involves pumping this gap full of insulating material through a small hole – like keyhole surgery. This material can be made up from mineral wool, beads/granules or plastic foam insulation. Once the material has been pumped into the cavity and the entry hole sealed over, the cavity insulation material has two purposes – it takes up that space between the walls so there’s no room for the hot air to go, and the material traps the warmth where you want it: your living areas.

As the process involves work by a qualified and approved contractor rather than being a DIY job, some people may be put off by the up-front cost, even if cavity insulation will reduce energy bills in the long term. However, thanks to the Affordable Warmth scheme, the government is able to provide cavity insulation grants to those on certain benefits or below a set income threshold. Alongside providing cavity insulation grants, this scheme also provides loft insulation grants and boiler grants, meaning that every home in the UK can be energy-efficient, warm and healthy. It’s part of a government initiative designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out if you qualify for an Affordable Warmth cavity insulation grant by using our online application form – it’s quick and easy, and you’ll be glad you did.

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