NEW Loft Insulation Grant will save millions of pounds every year!

Loft Insulation Grants

The Warm Front Scheme has been replaced with a new scheme called Affordable Warmth. The key focus of the scheme is to provide new grants for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and boiler replacement. ‘Affordable Warmth’ is projected to save millions of pounds for the ‘most at risk’ UK home owners or tenants. By answering three simple questions you will know if you are likely to qualify! QUALIFY NOW

Why apply for a loft insulation grant?

Well, the number one reason is because it’s easy! In less than 60 seconds you will know whether you qualify. If you are eligible, it is a seamless process from there until your new loft insulation is installed. You might also qualify for Cavity Wall insulation and Boiler replacement as well! Something else you will like about this type of grant is that it is absolutely FREE! You don’t pay a single penny towards your assessment or install and the loft insulation grant or other any other Affordable Warmth grants are 100% non-repayable. Finally, add in noticeable SAVINGS to your energy bill and a reduction of your families’ carbon footprint. Just like thousands of other homeowners and tenants that have already qualified, you will probably want to know right now if you are eligible. Simply answer 3 multi choice questions to see if you are eligible! MULTI CHOICE ASSESSMENT

Did you KNOW?

If your loft insulation is ineffective you may be losing almost 25% of your heat from your home.

What if I don’t qualify?

Check out our Green Deal pre-registration website to keep up to date with the new Government programme. Green Deal provides attractive finance options to install efficient heating measure into your home Green Deal Pre-Application.

What Happens With Loft Insulation Grants?

If it’s a hideously cold winter’s night and you don’t have proper loft insulation, things can get pretty grim. Up to one quarter of the heat produced by your central heating system can be lost through your roof if you don’t have decent insulation – and this happens even if you do have a good, modern and efficient boiler system. If you don’t have a good boiler system or if you are trying to heat your home using electric heaters, the problem is even worse, to say nothing of what happens to your energy bills. Heat rises, after all.

Is the only answer to bundle yourself up in woolly jerseys, scarves and puffa jackets until the warmer days of spring come? Thankfully, no. Loft insulation means that you can trap the warmth in the house where you want it – in your living areas and bedrooms rather than up in the loft. Once the loft insulation is in place, you will be amazed at the difference. When all that heat stays where you want it, you might find that you are able to save up to 30% on your monthly energy bill, especially over the colder, darker winter months. What’s more, if your home is warmer, you’ll be less prone to the coughs and colds of winter, as your body can put its energy into fighting infection rather than keeping warm. Besides, a warm home is usually a dry home, and disease-carrying viruses thrive in the damp of a chilly house.

Loft insulation should be at least 27 mm thick (that’s roughly an inch thick) of an approved insulating material and should be installed by an approved installer for best results. In general, loft insulation material is made of one of several types of heat-retaining fibre:

  • cellular glass,
  • mineral fibres,
  • foamed plastic.

In some cases, the plastic or glass used for loft insulation material may be recycled.

It’s obvious that loft insulation is a great way to save energy, which saves you money in the long-run as well as helping to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. However, a lot of people are put off by the initial cost of loft insulation. This is why the government has set up the Affordable Warmth scheme to provide loft insulation benefits to UK residents on a benefit or with low incomes so they can have the warm, healthy homes they need. It’s part of the Energy Companies Obligation, one of the strategies that have been enacted to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.

To find out if you qualify for loft insulation grants under the Affordable Warmth scheme, please fill out our handy online application form today.

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