Looking for free insulation?

Free InsulationThe Affordable Warmth scheme launched in late 2012 offers three main grants to help improve the heating in your home. It provides a type of grant funding for roof insulation, cavity wall insulation and boiler replacement. The roof insulation grants apply specifically to loft insulation and if the owners or tenants of the home are eligible the measures are installed completely free of charge Apply Here

Does insulation really save me money?

Yes, warm air escaping through your loft can result in 25% of the heating in your home being lost if it is not insulated. Savings can be over £100 per year so this is an upgrade to your home that can help you to make excellent savings on your energy bill every month. There are approximately 6 million UK homes that may benefit from a roof insulation grant or other grants available through the Affordable Warmth Scheme. Click here to see if you qualify

Who pays for the roof insulation grants?

The Affordable Warmth scheme is a Government initiative which places an obligation on the ‘big six’ energy companies to upgrade the heating measures in the most vulnerable homes in the UK. The energy company funds are used to upgrade insulation and replace inefficient boilers in your home. There are large penalties if the energy companies fail to meet their quota which means this type of grant funding is easy to get if you are eligible. Click to check eligibility

What do I do next?

Apply below to check that you qualify and then as soon as we receive your roof insulation grant application our team will ring you to validate your eligibility and check to see if you qualify for a boiler replacement and cavity wall insulation as well. We will then book an assessor in to come out to visit you. The process is hassle free and there is no cost to you for your free insulation or boiler if you are eligible. Apply Now

Free Insulation: Grants To Keep You Warm This Winter

Roof Insulation GrantsDuring the dark, gloomy days of winter, keeping warm is important if we want to stay healthy, not to mention happy. It’s hard to be at your best for work or play if your fingers are numb, your feet are aching with chilblains and your nose is running thanks to yet another cold. If we are outside, we know that the best way to stop heat escaping from our bodies is to wear a hat. The same principle applies to our homes. Quarter of the heat put out by our home heating systems can be lost through a poorly insulated roof. This means that we end up paying pounds and pounds for energy that just ends up being lost – even if we have an energy-efficient boiler system. But good roof insulation will allow this heat to be trapped where you want it: your living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Roof insulation comes in three main types. The type of roof insulation that would be best for your home really depends on what your roof and your house are like.

  1. Warm Roof Insulation Grants: This method reduces the risk of condensation forming between the insulating material and the external roof by minimising the gap between the two. It’s suitable for flat roofs and pitched roofs.
  2. Room In Roof Insulation: Here, the insulating material is placed between the beams, meaning that you can still use the roof space for storage if needed, while still trapping heat in the rooms below. This is the standard method of insulation for pitched roofs
  3. Green Roofs: Here, a flat roof is covered with soil, which acts as an insulator. Plants are grown in this soil, which helps to reduce flash flooding in heavily concreted urban areas as well as introducing more greenery into the environment.

The first two types of roof insulation (Warm Roof Insulation and Room In Roof Insulation) are eligible for roof insulation grants provided through the government’s Affordable Warmth scheme. This is part of an initiative designed to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and to give the country warmer, healthier homes. Through this Affordable Warmth scheme, people on certain benefits and below a certain income threshold can get roof insulation grants, as well as other home heating grants such as cavity insulation grants and boiler grants.

To find out if you qualify for roof installation grants through the Affordable Warmth scheme, please try the online application form on this site. You may qualify for completely free roof insulation if you meet the criteria.

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