Grants available to upgrade Boilers and replace Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation


Millions of people across the UK are eligible for the Affordable Warmth scheme which provides grants for cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and boiler replacement. All of this is at NO COST to the householder if you are eligible. There are no hidden costs, once eligible you will receive a ‘Free’ assessment and installation is free as well!

All you have to do is fill out three multi choice questions below and if you are eligible our team will call you to arrange an assessor to come out to see you.

Affordable Warmth replaced the Warm Front Scheme and the grants are aimed at low income households. The new insulation and boilers will help to reduce your energy bill and make your home warm and cosy all year round.

Wall Insulation Grants: Which Type Do You Need?

Imagine a cold, windy day in January with a strong north wind blowing and threatening sleet. If you had to go out in this weather, would you expect to stay warm if your only protection against the cold was a woolly hat? Of course not – you’d make sure that you surrounded your body with an insulating layer of winter clothing. It’s the same with our houses. While a lot of heat can be lost through the roof and through the windows (which can be stopped by loft insulation and thermal curtains, respectively), heat can also be lost through the walls of the house if these are not properly insulated.

The type of insulation for your walls that will suit your home best really depends on the way your house has been constructed. If there is a space between the exterior wall and the interior wall – often the case with homes built after 1920 – then cavity wall insulation will be best for you. If you live in an older home with solid exterior walls, solid wall insulation, either interior or exterior are the answer.

Cavity insulation involves pumping the space between the walls full of an insulating material that traps the warmth in your home where it should be – meaning that you don’t have to pay pounds for heat you don’t use. It does not require major renovations but should be carried out by a qualified professional.

Solid wall insulation can be interior or exterior. Interior solid wall insulation places the insulating material inside, sacrificing about 100 mm of space along the length of each wall insulated this way. Exterior solid wall insulation involves placing the insulating material on the outside wall and then covering this material with a more attractive cladding to finish it. Consent from the local planning council may be require for this latter option, as the final finish may make your exterior walls look quite different from the surrounding buildings.

All types of wall insulation can be expensive, so to help those on benefits or living on low incomes to have warm, healthy homes, the government has set up the Affordable Warmth scheme to provide wall insulation grants of all types to help these people get the insulation they need – often for completely free.

To find out if you qualify for an Affordable Warmth wall insulation grant, or one of the other Affordable Warmth home heating grants available, please fill out our online application form.

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